Privacy Policy

Kamp Consulting Solutions LLC (KCS) recognizes how important it is for you to feel confident with the knowledge that your personal, plan or fund financial information is secure. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding this information that you have entrusted to us.
In the course of doing business with investors, KCS collects confidential information about investors. "Confidential personal information" is financial and any other information about our investors, plans, and funds that is non-public and personally identifiable.
KCS collects such confidential information from investors and plan sponsors in order to determine the proper asset allocation to match the investor's objectives, as well as other services.
What information KCS will disclose and to whom KCS will disclose that information.
KCS may disclose confidential information about investors as may be permitted or required by applicable laws or regulations. Accordingly, it may disclose confidential information about investors:
To government entities, in response to subpoenas or to comply with applicable laws or regulations;

  • When investors instruct, or consent to, KCS making such disclosure;
  • To service providers that perform services for KCS, such as our external auditors, outside counsel, and service providers that process or service KCS transactions (including custodians, broker-dealers, prime brokers, third party administrators and banks); and
  • To affiliates, to the extent deemed necessary by KCS advisers for facilitating services provided by such affiliates to KCS or for purposes of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

How Kamp Consulting Solutions safeguards information.
Within KCS, access to confidential information about investors is limited to our employees, affiliates and in some cases to third parties (for example, the service providers described above) as may be permitted or required by applicable laws or regulations. KCS and its affiliates and service providers maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard investors' confidential information.
If this Privacy Policy changes in any way, you will be notified through appropriate means. If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please call us at (201) 675-8797 for further information or explanation.
Application of this Privacy Policy
Please note that this Kamp Consulting Solutions Privacy Policy does not apply to any Web pages hosted by other companies to which we may link and whose privacy policies may differ. These pages include those that you access directly through the KCS website.

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