About Us

Kamp Consulting Solutions, LLC (KCS), is specialty consulting firm serving the retirement plan sponsor community (private, public and union).  KCS' experienced team brings a unique perspective to the management of DB plans, with a focus on the plan's funded status and liabilities.  We provide the tools to plan sponsors and their asset consultants to assist in managing their asset bases more effectively, enabling them to meet their liabilities and future spending needs more efficiently.  

The United States retirement community is facing a potential pension crisis, and the impact that substantial underfunding has on future retirees and the communities and / or organizations that support their plans may prove too burdensome if a new approach isn't identified and implemented soon.

Asset allocation decisions should be related not only to the forecasted return on asset assumption (ROA), but also to the liabilities and the funded status.  If done appropriately, a plan's funded status should improve and the pension contribution costs should stabilize.  Plan sponsors adopting this disciplined and responsive approach will not have to count on a dramatic rise in interest rates to resolve funding issues.  

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