Fireside Chats

These monthly updates provide readers insight into timely topics affecting both plan sponsors and participants.


We are now using the KCS Blog to provide timely updates for our readers instead of a monthly newsletter.  Click here for the latest updates.
2018 Fireside Chats - January
Your Liability-Aware Cheat Sheet  Janary 2018 (Read Here)
2017 Fireside Chats - July to December
What Is Your Real ROI?  December 2017  (Read Here)
Hurricane Havoc  November 2017  (Read Here)
Covering the Bases  October 2017 (Read Here)
Beyond Saving for Retirement September 2017 (Read Here)
Revisiting Pension Obligation Bonds  August2017 (Read Here)
Funny Money?  Not Anymore July 2017 (Read Here)
2017 Fireside Chats - January to June
DOL Fiduciary Rule - Take 2  June 2017 (Read Here)
Consumer Sentiment - What's It Saying?  May 2017 (Read Here)
Sharing is Caring April 2017 (Read Here)
Fiduciary Frenzy  March 2017 (Read Here)
2016 - What a Year  February 2017 (Read Here)
New Year's Resolution - Become Liability Aware January 2017 (Read Here)
2016 Fireside Chats - July to December
Election Shake Up?  December 2016 (Read Here)
More of the Same for 2017 November 2016 (Read Here)
Election 2016 October 2016 (Read Here)
State of the Unions Address  September 2016 (Read Here)
Happy Anniversary?  August 2016   (Read Here)
DC Update - New Fiduciary Rule and Brexit  July 2016 (Read Here)
2016 Fireside Chats - January to June
By Any Other Name, It's Still a Leveraged Loan June 2016 (Read Here)
Liabilities Matter ...  ROA - Not as Much   May 2016 (Read Here)
Your ROA Will Not Be Impaired!  April 2016 (Read Here)
DC Plan Participants Speaking UP  March 2016 (Read Here)
Greasing the Market Slide February 2016 (Read Here)
Looking Back at 2015 - The Best of KCS Blogs  January 2016 (Read Here)
2015 Fireside Chats - July to December
You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure!  December 2015 (Read Here) 
Status Quo for 2016 November 2015 (Read Here)
Whaaaaat Happened?  October 2015 (Read Here)
Happy 80th Birthday September 2015 (Read Here)
Targeting Future Changes  August 2015 (Read Here)
We're Your Advocate  July 2015  (Read Here)
2015 Fireside Chats - January to June
Exploring Closed-End Funds June 2015 (Read Here)
Do You Know the Answer??  May 2015 (Read Here)
Pension Plan Liabilities:  Feel Me, See Me Touch Me  April 2015 (Read Here)
Don't Hate the Restate  March 2015 (Read Here)
On Target?  February 2015  (Contact Us)
Emerging Managers - Part Deux  January 2015  (Read Here)


2014 Fireside Chats

Emerging Managers - Hype or Substance?  December 2014  (Read Here)
Movin' On Up  November 2014  (Read Here)
The Fallacy of the ROA!  October 2014  (Read Here)
Back to School - Back to Basics  September 2014  (Read Here)
As Yogi Said - It's Deja Vu All Over Again!  August 2014  (Read Here)
Seeing "Double DB" in Your Future?  July 2014  (Read Here) 
Another Blog?  Ours is Different...Really!!  June 2014  (Read Here)
Rethinking the Retirement Playbook  May 2014  (Read Here)
DC Plan News You can Use  April 2014  (Read Here)
 Is Quant Investing Dead?  All Hail Quant!  March 2014  (Read Here)
ETPs, ETFs ... WTH?!  February 2014  (Read Here)

2013:  Looking Back and Lessons Learned January 2014  (Read Here)



2013 Fireside Chats  

The OCIO – Paradigm Shift or Back to the Future?  December 2013 (Read Here) 

DB Plans:  Refocus...for the Future  November 2013 (Read Here) 

403 (b) Plans: Oldies but Goodies!  October 2013 (Read Here) 

Papa, Can You Hear Me?  September 2013 (Read Here) 

Survey Says!!  August 2013 (Read Here) 

Pension Obigation Bonds:  Safe...or Sorry?  July 2013 (Read Here)

Good Markets...Bad Behaviors?  June 2013 (Read Here)

Fixed Income Impasse?  May 2013 (Read Here)

Asset Consulting - Shooting Itself in the Foot? April 2013 (Read Here)

Time for a New Game Plan? March 2013  (Read Here)

Do Good Things Come in Small Packages?    February 2013 (Read Here)

New Year...New Thinking??  January 2013  (Read Here)


2012 Fireside Chats


Target Date Funds:  Bullseye or Crosshairs? December 2012 (Read Here) 

Fasten Your Seatbelt - Turbulence Ahead? November 2012 (Read Here)

New Insights on Profits  October 2012  (Read Here)

Dump the Lump??  September 2012  (Read Here)

From Baby Boomers to Welfare Recipients?  August 2012  (Read Here)

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